Cozy and relaxing
Our small and beautiful wellness area "Burg Badl" offers you relaxation after an active day in the mountains!
A variety of saunas and special treatments invite you to stay and relax.
The bathrobes and slippers are at your disposal free of charge!



Finnish sauna

The classic sauna pleasure
Sweating at temperatures of 85° to 95° Celsisus and low humidity. An infusion of essential sauna oils brings additional tension to the sauna experience. Our experience shower with scented essences and Kneipp cycle rounds off the pleasure!

Infrared cabin

Relaxation through deep heat
Our modern "Physiotherm Ergo-Balance II" infrared cabin supports your well-being and health through gentle deep heat. A great alternative to the sauna, as the room air is not as heavily heated as in classic saunas. Helps relieve tension in the back area. Naturally promotes blood circulation.
steam bath

Steam bath

Breathe through & Revitalize
The steam bath is a humid heat bath with nearly 100% humidity and a pleasant temperature of about 45-50°C. ... A visit to the steam bath can have a very positive effect on tense nerves, cramped muscles, rheumatic diseases, cold symptoms and much more.
Wellness Area Messnerwirt

Relaxation area

Unwind and rest
For relaxation after a sauna session, you can rest to the calm sounds and the splashing of the small water fountain. Subdued light and pleasant scents enhance relaxation.
Wellness Hotel Olang

Foot spa

After a day of activity
After a beautiful hike or a day on the ski slopes, relax your tired feet in the warm sparkling water! A foot Jacuzzi soothes the nerves through targeted stimulation, promotes blood circulation and activates the metabolism.

Whirlpool tub

Sparkling moments of well-being
Best hygiene thanks to our fresh water tub which is filled with freshwater before every use! The blood circulation is stimulated, Muscular and joint complaints can be alleviated, stress reduction promotes relaxation and better sleep.
shower special

Experience Shower

Water & Fragrance
After a relaxing sauna session, our experience shower is the best way to cool off. Colours, light and aroma mist vitalise you and make you ready for the next sauna session. A highlight is the experience cycle with alternating cold/warm showers and fog-light effect.

Pinewood room

Relax for two!
In our small couples' relaxation room with subdued light and the new pinewood floating loungers you can relax to the health-promoting aroma of wood and float as if on clouds!


at the Messnerwirt Hotel in Olang
Wellness Area Messnerwirt